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Elixirme Beauty

ElixirMe Anti-frizz treatment waterproofs your hair to stop frizz even in the worst humidity.

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Tired of frizzy hair ???

Are you tired of frizzy hair, of waking up in the morning with bed head? Well lets take a quick look at what our ElixirMe Heat & Seal Spray can do for you.



It’s simplicity to apply and use make this the perfect product for all hair types.

  • Seals the hair cuticle for protection, shine and control.
  • Adds body without any stiffness.
  • Adds magnificent shine.
  • Helps protect hair from excessive appliance styling.
  • Reduces static flyways.
  • Surrounds each hair strand with an Invisible weightless coating.
  • No negative builds up.
  • Protects the hair from humidity.
  • Helps to protect the hair from color fading.
  • Lasts up to 2-3 shampoos.
  • Heat activated.

How to use

For Best Results, Follow These Steps:

  1. Shampoo, condition, towel dry hair, divide in sections.
  2. Spray liberally and evenly on damp (not wet) hair. Do not apply other styling products to damp hair.
  3. Blow dry each section using a brush to hold hair taut. Requires blow-drying to activate.
  4. For best results, apply every 2-4 shampoos.



We’re always working hard to make sure our formulas meet the highest quality standards. Formulas are updated from time to time to reflect current research and ingredient availability. You can find the most up to date list of ingredients on the product package you receive.  




Product Quality

We believe in the highest degree of scientific research, product performance and customer service on all levels. Discover all of our hydrating ELIXIRME BEAUTY formulas, designed to help reduce split ends, seal the hair cuticle, extend the life of the hairstyle, reduce frizz and control curls.