Heat & Seal Spray

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“Are you tired of frizzy, dull looking hair?”

“Do you wish you could instantly control all those uncontrollable curls”? Well now you can.
Introducing Elixirme "Heat & Seal Spray", a completely new technology influenced from textile technology.
Heat & Seal Spray invisibly coats each hair strand with a weightless, water resistant raincoat: you simply mist the hair, then blow-dry or iron and it will seal a polymer coating around each hair strand.
Heat & Seal Spray is "Heat-Activated" and creates a cross-linking polymer around the hair to protect, seal and greatly reduced or eliminate frizz...plus it lasts though many shampoos. Heat & Seal Spray polymer works to smooth, tighten and seal the hair strands leaving a silky, shiny result.
Unlike typical “humidity” serums, Heat & Seal Spray will not create a negative build up, weigh hair down, nor make it greasy. All you're left with is shiny, frizz free manageable hair that will extend the life of your style.

For best Results, Follow These Steps:
1. After shampooing and conditioning, apply Elixirme Heat & Seal Spray to damp, towel-dried hair. (If desired, a Elixirme leave-In can be used before Elixirme Heat & Seal Spray)
2. Divide hair in sections, and then spray each section thoroughly (on the surface as well as underneath) to completely saturate hair. Comb through to distribute product evenly
3. Blow dry, section by section. Use a brush to hold each section taut while directing dryer heat (set at medium to high temperature) down hair lengths until section is completely dry
4.  Elixirme Heat & Seal Spray lasts up to 2 to 3 shampoos (Requires blow-drying to activate.

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